Ruskin Square

Gateway To Croydon

Ruskin Square is fast becoming one of South London’s most desirable neighbourhoods.

The recently-completed Ruskin Square provides an oasis of calm amongst the metropolis. This attractive, urban space offers wide walkways, paved and planted with shrubs and trees, and plenty of benches to sit and take a moment to reflect.

The fresh and funky Box Park is an all-new social and dining destination just minutes from Vita, Ruskin Square. It features 38 bars and restaurants, a modern street food market plus a 2,000 capacity event space. Described as a ‘pop-up mall’, Box Park is THE place to meet, greet and eat.

Just as Croydon is a gateway to central London, so Ruskin Square has been designed as the new gateway to Croydon.

The concept behind Ruskin Square promises to create a superb environment and an important new South London landmark. A footbridge links it to the upgraded East Croydon railway station just a minute away and a direct route is planned from here, through the central business district, to the new £1 billion shopping and leisure centre.